Which of your vendors provide the best service, price and terms? Many organizations do not have a good way of evaluating vendor performance. Day-to-day vendor management, service agreements and contracts are often scattered across disparate systems and departments, providing little visibility. Siloed information makes it incredibly difficult to provide vendors accountable, leverage stronger partnerships and improve negotiation power. What if there was a better way?

  • Compare vendors across all categories including cost, compliance, reliability and satisfaction.
  • Compile data from order volumes, incident histories, warranties, contracts and costs to give visibility into true performance.
  • Vendor ticketing system improves the measurement of SLAs by allowing for logging of credits when commitments are breached.
  • Built-in assessment tool sends surveys to stakeholders and analyzes data.
  • Interactive scorecards make decision-making based on metrics easy


Gain Insight into How Vendors Impact Business

Use real-time data to evaluate cost, order volumes, incident and problem records, SLAs, warranties, contracts and surveys.

Drive More Value from Vendors

Compare vendors across common criteria including compliance, reliability, satisfaction, cost and terms.

Reduce Operational Costs

Manage and negotiate the best contract terms by tracking actual performance metrics, usage, quality and expiration dates.