Spend your valuable time, energy and focus on growing your business, not on back office processes. Engage c1advantage Global Management, a team of experts to streamline your internal processes with a centralized managed service and improve your day-to-day accounting needs. c1advantage has decades of experience and expertise in invoicing, collections, commissions and multi-state taxes. We know bookkeeping is not your business, so avoid the headaches associated with incorrect invoicing or unsuccessful collections.

Pay for the support you need. Our flexible and customized service offerings and pricing address the support need of your organization. Expand your team with an easy monthly expense and gain a comprehensive team who will work with you and allow you the additional time needed to grow your business. Ensure your core business services are up-to-date and adhere to multi-state tax compliance when you are ready to expand your business across state lines. Gain a comprehensive team to provide management with reporting on costs of revenues analysis, profit margins and time management. c1advantage is the team you need to accelerate your success.

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Commissions & Payments

Tax & Compliance

Fixed Asset Management

  • Improve client relationships with accurate and timely invoicing
  • Access to online vendor portal for instant visibility
  • Pull on-demand reports from anywhere
  • Timely centralized bill payment
  • Instant alerts and on-demand reports
  • Reduce write offs and increase operational cash flow with the help of professional account management
  • Improve productivity of your internal team by engaging a team with proven success
  • Ensure timely payments are made to employees and partners
  • Receive instant reporting through online portal
  • Gain experts to navigate the complexities of multi-state business ownership (Sales tax, Income tax, Department of Labor)
  • Adhere to compliance in any industry
  • Designate a main point of contact for audits
  • Assistance with strategic tax planning and forecasting
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of assets
  • Track depreciation
  • Gain on-demand and monthly reporting for true visibility