Content Management Tools that Support Business Initiatives

Large companies generate large amounts of documents and image based content. No surprise. Here’s something you may find surprising – at c1advantage, we have created a proprietary set of content management tools and applications that allow us to migrate content more quickly, accurately and cost-effectively than anyone else in the industry. Whether you need to upgrade to a newer version of your existing solution or move from one platform to another, we’ve got the experience to help you migrate, organize, process and access your information in a whole new way.

Document & Imaging Management: We manage millions of documents and images for some of the largest companies in the world. Whether you’re working with scanned content, web imagery or directly with your network shares, we have a wealth of experience managing and integrating industry leading content management systems into our clients’ existing application and technology stacks. The result? An easier transition, improved organization and increased productivity.

Records Management: Mastering records lifecycle means thinking beyond organization. Whether you’re working with operations documents or legal records, there are countless state and federal mandates around the storage, maintenance, archival and destruction of these types of documents to consider. Our experience allows us to streamline this process for you and implement a custom, automated solution designed to protect both you and your records.

Web Content Management: A place for everything. We can help you streamline your web content workflow by unifying your various content requirements and information into a single solution. More importantly, we can make it easier for your non-technical employees to populate, manipulate and manage information within a simplified web interface.

Digital Asset Management: Video files, audio files image intensive graphic design documents, PDFs and AutoCAD documents – no matter where you are or what types of digital assets you’re working with, we can create an easy-to-use central repository to let you quickly and securely access your digital assets.

Workflow & Collaboration: Well-organized and accessible content means nothing without strong workflow and collaboration. That’s why in conjunction with our leading software partners, we’ve developed proprietary tools to help you develop collaborative workflow processes and revolutionize the way your teams function and communicate.