Managing and protecting your organization’s data can be complex, time consuming and expensive. Organizations today have become brutally aware of the need for rapid backup and disaster recovery. No matter their size – whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise, most businesses know they need to restore their critical systems and data rapidly, in a matter of minutes, in order to minimize the impact of lost productivity. Disk-based disaster recovery addresses these concerns and enables organizations to recover from a catastrophic failure in minutes, rather than days.

For data protection you can count on, a strong technology platform and a secure cloud infrastructure are absolutely essential. You need a partner with a team of data recovery experts who’ll be there for you, especially when you need them most. We’re here to ensure that – no matter what – you’ll always get your data back.

c1advantage’s data storage protection services enable our clients to cost-effectively reduce the risk of data loss. We remove the burden of backing up your data by automating the process based upon your business requirements and/or regulatory compliance needs

Monitoring and Alerts

  • 7x24x365 issue identification to reduce backup fail

Periodic Testing

  • c1advantage technicians randomly conduct exercises to confirm the ability to restore.

Remediation and File Restore

  • Diagnosis and issue resolution, including 3rd party remediation, rescheduling failed jobs and basic file restoration.

Disciplined Delivery Management

  • Designated Delivery Manager for escalation assistance, report trending and analysis and recommendations on how you can reduce incidents in your backup infrastructure and improve operational efficiencies.

Report Trending

  • Weekly and monthly trending reports for incidents, changes and requests