Our nationwide data centers are designed to meet today’s most demanding requirements. With a variety of hosted and colocation services available, a data center solution from c1advantage offers a safe, secure environment for all of your needs. Our SSAE 16 certified data centers feature on-site support NOC and engineering staff 24 x 7 x 365.

Mclean, Virginia

McLean, Virginia


  • 65,000 sq. ft. data center with 45,000 sq. ft. of raised floor
  • Secured customer cages and cabinets available
  • On-site Network Operations Center (NOC)


  • Design
    • Fully 2N A-side and B-side power distribution design
    • Automated failover between electrical systems
  • Utility
    • 6,000kVA of utility capacity
    • Upstream utility switching between substations
  • Generator
    • Four 1MW Cummings/Katolite generators with 20,000 gallons of fuel capacity
    • Partnerships with multiple fuel vendors for fuel delivery
    • Generators tested weekly at no load and quarterly at full load
    • Redundant A-side and B-side ASCO 7000 series Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • UPS
    • Both the A-side and B-side electrical systems have two paralleled 750kVA high-efficiency GE UPS systems per side
    • Total of four 750kVA GE UPS systems expandable to eight
    • True 2N UPS redundancy in each electrical system
    • 1,215kW of usable UPS capacity expandable to 2,430kW
  • Power Distribution
    • A-side/B-side ATS, main switchboards, UPS systems and PDUs
    • The fast detection and switching capability of the STS PDU (<4ms) allow for uninterrupted power (even for single power-supplied equipment)
    • Each customer cabinet will have redundant A-side and B-side power feeds


  • 2N cooling tower redundancy
  • 2N chilled water pump redundancy
  • N+1 chiller redundancy
  • N backup DX air-cooled chiller
  • Dual loop chilled water
  • N+1 CRAH units dual fed from A-side and B-side sources

Fire Suppression/Smoke Detection

  • Dry-pipe, pre-action sprinkler
  • Multi-zoned smoke/heat detection system


  • Connected to multiple core POP sites via redundant OC-192 10Gbps circuits
  • No single point of failure – each circuit is on a diverse path
  • Fully redundant core network gear within the data center
  • Fully redundant peering with multiple Tier-1 ISPs
  • Carrier-neutral facilities

Onsite Staff 24 x 7 x 365

  • Onsite support NOC and Engineering staff 24 x 7 x 365
  • Onsite staff provides facility and network monitoring, security and technical/remote-hands support


  • Monitoring tools and methods to provide proactive notification of server or service-affecting outages
  • The health and operation of all critical infrastructure, environmental conditions and power usage is monitored by a building control system

Data Center Security Access

Authorized individuals can access the data center 24 hours a day.

Authorized individuals include:

  • On-site and pre-authorized  employees
  • Contractors performing routine and/or emergency maintenance within the facility

Security controls include:

  • Card access system
  • Electronic verification
  • Biometric identity access system
  • Video surveillance and capture to DVR
  • 24 x 7 x 365 on-site personnel


Ashburn, Virginia

Square Footage

  • Gross – 95,444 ft2 (8,867 m2
  • Colocation – 67,041 ft2 (6,228 m2)
  • Flex Space – 2,434 ft2 (226 m2)


  • Electrical Capacity – 2.4 kVA per cabinet
  • UPS Configuration – N+1 Block Redundant System
  • # of Utility Feeders – 1
  • # of Power Transformers – 6
  • Utility Voltage – 34.5 kV, 3-phase
  • Standby Power – Seven 2,000 kW diesel engine generators
  • Standby Power Config. – N+1


  • Cooling Capacity – 2.25 kW per cabinet (8,533 BTUH)
  • Cooling Plant – Rooftop air handlers, air-cooled


  • Physical – “Man trap” entry
  • Human – 24×7 security guards
  • Electronic – CCTV and Recorders,
  • Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers
  • Fiber Vault


  • Construction Type – 2C Unprotected
  • Building Type – Single story, CMU (concrete masonry unit), steel, concrete slab on grade
  • Floor Load Capacity –
  • Slab – 200 psf (9.58 kN/m2)
  • Raised floor – 1,000 lb concentrated; 250 psf (11.97 kN/m2) uniform load
  • Cabinet weight – 1,375 lbs
  • Seismic Zone – 1

Code Compliance

  • Building – 1997 Virginia State Building Code (VSBC); 1996 BOCA National Building Code
  • Mechanical – 1996 International Mechanical Code
  • Plumbing – 1995 International Plumbing Code with 1996 Supplement
  • Electrical – 1996 NFPA 13 – Installation of Sprinkler Systems; 1996 NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code
  • Life Safety – 1996 NFPA 13 – Installation of Sprinkler Systems; 1996 NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm Code
  • Other – ADA Guidelines

Fire Protection

  • Fire Suppression – Double-interlocked, pre-action (dry pipe)


  • SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II Certified
  • Uptime Institute M&O Site Award

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • 36,000 sq. ft. data center / office building
  • 20,000 sq. ft. raised floor data center area
  • Full cabinets and half cabinets for customer equipment
  • Customer cages available

Power & UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

AC Power circuits are pulled to customer’s space typically priced and offered in 20 and 30 amp increments. Power is delivered to the customer in a “blipless” manner; backed up by UPS and generator. Facility is designed for 175 watts per sq. ft.

Bethlehem facility maintains seven (8) LIEBERT Power Distribution Units with three (3) circuit panels each. Panels have 40 breaker positions. All power circuits are individual runs back to the PDU (Power Distribution Units). No shared power circuits.

The three separate UPS systems include:

  • System A has 3 – 150KVA inverters and battery packs which run in a N+1 configuration
  • System B has 3 – 150KVA inverters and battery packs which run in a N+1 configuration
  • System C has 1 – 625KVA inverter and battery packs, which is a wet-cell system that is network monitored


  • Data Center Room A is supported by a 1,000KVA (1 Megawatt) Onan Cummins Turbo-Diesel, 1,700-gallon doubled steel walled base tank providing 40 hours continuous run under current load.
  • Data Center Room B is supported by a bi-fuel Genset system in a modular design that allows for paralleling five (5) – 600kw generators in a N+1 fashion for a total available load of 2.4 megawatts and has a 1,500-gallon tank and a direct natural gas feed.
  • Each generator has capacity to run while being refueled and is refilled as needed. Generators are run-tested weekly for an hour at no load and quarterly at full load.
  • Automatic Transfer Systems monitor incoming power and will cut over to generator if there is a plus or minus 8{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} change in voltage for incoming commercial power.


HVAC is critical in the design of the colocation facility; safe conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity. Facility is monitored to keep temperatures averaging 74 degrees F (+/- 2deg) and humidity levels at 44{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} (+/- 5{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4}).

  • Raised panel flooring system and drop ceiling for efficient air handling
    • Data Center Room A: 18″ raised floor with 24″ panels
    • Data Center Room B: 24″ raised floor with 24″ panels
  • Bethlehem facilities are cooled via eight (8) LIEBERT HVAC units (two fully segregated areas)
  • All HVAC units run in an N+1 configuration; N= the need of cooling, +1 = one more to cover a failed unit
  • All units are double compressor units and can run at half capacity, regardless of N+1
  • Water detection system (Liebert Leak Detection) below the floor in data center

Fire Suppression

The Bethlehem Data Center uses FM-200, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly “clean-agent” (heptaflouropropane) waterless fire suppressant. Tanks are fitted with fast release valves designed to allow the complete distribution of the FM-200 gas within 10 seconds. The FM-200 utilizes a grid work of smoke / heat sensors both in the ceiling and below the raised floor. A comprehensive control system monitors the sensors and controls a multi-stage backup dry-pipe, pre-action sprinkler system. Fire extinguishers are in place next to each door within the data center.


Multiple fiber providers available with diverse entrances into the Bethlehem Data Center with connections to major switching centers in Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, and Newark, NJ. Utilizes geographically diverse carriers and connections for the SONET architecture that provides network connectivity throughout the national data backbone.

Data Center Colocation Security Access

24-hour unescorted access to its colocation facilities for authorized individuals only.

Security measures include:

  • 24 x 7 onsite personnel
  • Card-reader access system
  • Biometric identity access system
  • Video surveillance and capture to DVR
  • Electronic verification by personnel
  • Individual cabinet combination locks


  • Utilizes a suite of monitoring tools and methods to provide proactive notification of server or service affecting events. These methods include automated messaging sent from management/monitoring systems that notify personnel directly without any intervention that a service is down or impaired.
  • Proactive monitoring for changes in the environment outside of normal operating conditions prevents incidents from occurring that may lead to a service outage or impairment for a user organization.
  • Data center facility environmental conditions are continuously monitored by Data Technical Assurance Center personnel including cooling systems and power environmental alerts directly on TAC consoles, through the enunciators, through inspecting measurements on critical equipment inside the data center, and by audible alarms.
  • Options for monitoring systems include SNMP based metrics for system health (cpu utilization, drive space, memory usage), service or daemon status (service up / down), or standard TCP / IP protocol response (ping, http, https, smtp, ftp), as well as nonstandard application-dependant port response.
  • Data TAC (Data Technical Assistance Center) is staffed 24 x 7 x 365 to monitor, respond to, and escalate alarms, as well as to provide client notification per established requirements.


Atlanta, Georgia


  • Electrical Capacity – 4.0 kVA per cabinet
  • UPS Configuration – 10 x 625 kVA, 2 x N+1 Parallel Redundant (N+1)
  • Utility Feeders
  • 2nd Floor – 2
  • 6th Floor – 2
  • Power Transformers –
  • 2nd Floor – 2 x 3.75 MVA
  • 6th Floor – 2 x 3.75 MVA
  • Utility Voltage – 19.8 kV
  • Standby Generators – 2 x (2+1) 2,250 kW Diesel Generators
  • Standby Power Config. – N+1


  • Cooling Capacity – 4.0 kVA per cabinet (13,652 BTUH)
  • Cooling Plant – 1,862 Ton Evaporative Cooled Refrigeration Systems (2N)


  • Physical – Man Trap Entry Human – 24×7 security guards Electronic – CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection, Card Readers


  • Construction Type – I-B, Fully sprinklered
  • Building Type – 6-story concrete steel structure, brick face
  • Floor Load Capacity – Colo Area: 115 psf (5.51 kN/m2)
  • Seismic Zone – 1

Code Compliance

  • Building – 2006 Building Code
  • Life Safety – 2006 Fire Code
  • Mechanical – 2006 Mechanical Code
  • Electrical – 2005 Electrical Code
  • Plumbing – 2006 Plumbing Code


  • Flood Plain Info – Zone X: Areas of moderate or minimal hazard subject to flooding from severe storm activity or local drainage problems

Fire Protection

  • Fire Suppression – Double-interlocked, pre-action (dry pipe)


  • SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II Certified