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c1advantage has a broad portfolio of services and product offerings that have improved hundreds of the businesses in the industries we serve. Click on the industry below to view just a few of our success stories.

My interactions with c1advantage have been outstanding. Clearly this is driven by the commitment you have made to us to ensure that our IT needs are met. You have been our vendor for almost 4 years and it’s comforting to know that you will be my partner for the next three years., I appreciate that even though you service multi-billion dollar companies you still do a great service for your customers with small businesses., Your engineers took the time to advise us on best practices gave my team a thorough review of the system and even came back a 2nd day today to help work out some of the post migration kinks. Bottom line – you knocked it out of the park! ,c1advantage is our first choice for technical support, Working with your team we found they communicated very well with all of our people here. c1advantage has been very responsive with every request we’ve made. We know when we ask your team to do something it will get done right away!”]

Data Center & Networking: Virtualized Data Center

With a 24-unit, outdated server farm supporting their data center, our Healthcare client came to us looking for some serious solutions. We delivered by architecting and designing a virtualized data center. Goodbye farm. Hello energy efficiency, server stability and cost savings. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Healthcare Wireless

Our hospital client wanted to support their patients with innovative new technologies but their wireless system was holding them back. We helped them implement a state-of-the-art solution that not only boosted their wireless services and capabilities, but also helped them meet federal compliance guidelines. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Network Infrastructure Redesign

A complete infrastructure overhaul was in order at a major healthcare provider. Our response: we assessed, designed and implemented an entire network solution that significantly reduced network traffic and rendered the Help Desk a very quiet place. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Wireless Infrastructure Design

A hospital was in need of a substantial upgrade to their overall IT system – a system that spans several counties and involves multiple campuses. We answered with a total network solution that modernized, streamlined and simplified their IT system. Plus, it boosted end user satisfaction to make this project a win-win. Read more.

Collaboration & Messaging: Exchange Migration

With over 26 locations relying on an outdated and soon to be unsupported Exchange environment, our Healthcare client was overdue for an upgrade. c1advantage was engaged for the great migration and brought them up to speed by designing and implementing a complete system that increased functionality, eliminated downtime issues and reduced costs. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Multi-Tenant Application Solution

When most people think of IT solutions, creativity isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. When it came to architecting a simple, yet groundbreaking solution for our Fortune 10 healthcare client, our creativity and ingenuity led the way. Read more.

Emerging Technologies: ECM Implementation & Integration

Our Fortune 300 healthcare client wanted to get organized in a whole new way. They needed an ECM solution that met regulatory compliance guidelines and was powerful and flexible enough to manage millions of documents across the company. They needed a trusted partner to help them do it all while seamlessly integrating it into a complex environment. Read more.

Security & Business Continuity: Security Assessment

After a state audit revealed that our major school district client needed to update their security, we gave them an education. Through our security assessment, we helped them update their technology, tighten their systems and trained their empowered staff to be true security experts. Read more.

Cloud Services: SaaS Hosting

While serving a mission critical function to school districts nationwide, our client was having hosting issues. When they were down, processes at their schools were down as well. They needed someone who could deliver guaranteed performance and availability, while providing the utmost security and manageability. Read more.

Data Management: Database Optimization

When our international client was searching for database optimization, they found us. We found that by designing a complete database management program, we could improve performance, eliminate costs and maximize optimized. Read more.

Resourcing & Managed Services: Cloud Hosting

After several years of growth, our client was left with a pieced-together, disparate system architecture. We stepped in and consolidated their systems, improved network performance, bolstered overall processes and improved infrastructure in one cost-effective, hosted solution. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Directory Design & Implementation

Conditions had gotten so bad for our school district client that their directory services had become completely untenable. They needed a firm that could help them complete critical updates while migrating their data and applications within a short timeline. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

When two of the Northeast’s most prestigious colleges needed a trusted partner to help them negotiate an application and system overhaul, c1advantage went back to school. By designing, implementing and establishing a complete ERP solution, we helped them graduate to a completely re-tooled, re-vamped and revitalized structure across both campuses. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: QOS VoIP Redesign

To their frustration, our client was losing calls on their VoIP system. After multiple rounds with their VoIP vendor and no success, they reached out to us for help. We identified a critical flaw in the system configuration and corrected it to make sure that lost calls were a thing of the past. Read more.

c1advantage is a leader in delivering government IT services and solutions through its government solutions company, Autonomic Resources.

Autonomic Resources is on the forefront of emerging technology and has built a reputation for offering secure, manageable and cost effective solutions to the Government’s most challenging issues.

Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform (ARC-P) was the first government community cloud IaaS platform to be certified under FedRAMP.  The company also holds an Authority to Operate granted by DISA (Defense Information Security Agency) which allows all Department of Defense Agencies to utilize the ARC-P cloud and continually releases new offerings through the FedRAMP authorization process. Autonomic holds a wide variety of government acquisition contracts allowing Federal, and State and Local agencies the contracting vehicles required to procure Autonomic products and services.

To learn more about Autonomic Resources, click here.

Data Center & Networking: Federal Government Wireless

A Federal agency was under great pressure to provide wireless internet access in the public areas of their facilities across the United States. Due to the enormous security risks and performance needs involved, they still hadn’t found a solution. Many vendors said it couldn’t be done, but c1advantage showed them the way. Read more.

Cloud-Based Platform: Virtual Training Platform

When an enterprise client needed a virtual training solution, class was in session. By creating a cloud-based, virtual lab complete with user-defined private training environments, we taught our clients more than the material – we taught them a new way to work. Read more.

Enterprise Application Development & Integration: Smarter, Faster Software Solution

With obsolete tools putting the squeeze on process, our financial services client was searching for a solution that was faster, smarter and delivered more for their customers. When our client found us, the search was over. Our solution eliminated obsolete software, revolutionized their offerings and accelerated one of their key operational process from months to weeks. Now that’s a solid investment. Read more.

Data Management:  Master Data Management (MDM)

An antiquated customer information system (CIS) became a roadblock for our Financial Services client. We paved the way to progress with a Master Data Management (MDM) system that enhanced functionality, reduced overhead and delivers consistent customer data across business channels. Read more.

Content Management: Enterprise ECM Platform Migration Project

Our Insurance and Financial Resources client wanted to migrate from a FileNet-based support system to OnBase – and they wanted to do it immediately. Our 4-phased migration approach delivered a 40{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} reduction in production support costs, resulting in a client who was 100{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} happier. Read more.

Content Management: Financial ECM Design & Integration Project

A slow and costly process had become a burden for one of the nation’s largest financial service organizations. To lighten the load, we designed and integrated a customized ECM solution and workflow that drastically cut costs, streamlined workflow and boosted customer satisfaction all at once. Read more.

Emerging Technologies: Fortune 5 Web Obsolescence

Our Fortune 5 client came to us with a daunting challenge: reduce their software licensing and ownership costs while maintaining their service quality level and flexibility. We responded and performed one of the largest JBoss migrations ever conducted. The results? Cutting-edge. Low risk. Highly successful. Read more.

Managed Services: IT Help Desk

As one of the world’s largest companies, our client also had one of the world’s largest and most expensive help desk support systems. We helped them improve the customer experience, cut costs and improve productivity, with a streamlined, efficient and helpful solution. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Engineering – Design, Build, & Support

With over 20,000 engineers working on countless different projects around the clock, our global enterprise client needed a partner that understood the engineering world as well as IT. By architecting, designing, building, running and supporting complex applications, processes and workflows, we showed them the true value of partnership. Read more.

Resourcing & Managed Services: Device Lifecycle Management

As one of the world’s largest companies, our client utilizes one of the world’s largest collections of devices and workstations. They needed a partner that could help them develop, implement and manage a device lifecycle program that kept their equipment up-to-date, their employees productive and their business running smoothly. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Global Enterprise Performance Testing

Our global enterprise client was facing a serious and sensitive issue – an application process surrounding their proprietary intellectual property that was full of issues, buried under revisions, experiencing lag time  and escalating costs. We stepped in and redesigned the process. We took over testing, drastically cut costs and did what we do best – get the job done right! Read more.

Managed Services: Global OS Update

With over 1 million devices in play, updating the operating system (OS) for our client was not going to happen overnight. They needed a plan that would be cost-effective, easy to implement and not disrupt day-to-day operations. Most importantly, they needed a partner that understood how to help them accomplish it. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Global Solution Architecture

To redesign their global platform across multiple operating divisions, our client needed true partnership on a colossal scale. We helped them re-architect their infrastructure, database, server, storage and security systems. We helped them outline their business challenges to re-engineer the way they deliver these systems to their operating divisions. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Manufacturing ERP

An international manufacturing and telecommunications technology company needed a partner who knew how to help them re-engineer their complex processes and applications to improve productivity throughout the company. Enter c1advantage with a smart and comprehensive ERP plan that revitalized the client’s leasing business, built in efficiency and streamlined processes across the board. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Network Consolidation

Our client, an international injection molding organization, was growing by leaps and bounds. After a strategic acquisition nearly doubled their size and production capacity, they quickly needed an effective network upgrade and consolidation. Within 30 days, c1advantage delivered a unified solution that immediately delivered ROI and kept their momentum going. Read more.

Managed Services: Product Commercialization

Launching proprietary printing presses on a global scale was a challenge for our innovative digital printing partner. By joining the team, providing QA process expertise, engineering software updates, monitoring performance and implementing customer satisfaction performance metrics, we made sure they were truly ready to launch. Read more.

Collaboration & Messaging: Telepresence Collaboration Suite Project

When one of the largest companies in the world was looking for a better way to communicate, we spoke their language. We equipped them with specially designed, state-of-the-art telepresence rooms across the company. Now, face-to-face discussions can be held across continents. Read more.

Security: PCI DSS Compliance

Credit Card security is a major problem – especially when your business depends on it. With compliance regulations looming, our client needed some help securing their mission critical credit card transaction process and re-engineering their systems to be fully Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. Read more.

Data Management: BI & Competitive Pricing Analytics

Our top 15 grocery retail client was losing consumer loyalty to competitive pricing. They needed a partner to help them win their customers back by leveraging historical, operational and competitive pricing data to help redefine pricing models and proactively adjust to price changes. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Infrastructure Upgrade

As one of the region’s top event locations, our client was struggling with outdated and unsupported systems, limited infrastructure and poor network performance. We revolutionized their event capabilities, optimized their system and provided management through a single pane of glass. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: WAAS Implementation

A lack of timely communication between domestic offices and world-wide production sites was severely affecting productivity for our global manufacturing client. We helped them deploy a system that eliminated data redundancy, boosted speed, improved performance and bandwidth. Read more.

Cloud Hosting: Quick & Flexible Hosting

Our client needed a quick and powerful hosting solution but didn’t quite know where to start. Within a week, we used our proven experience and expertise to help them stand up multiple enterprise environments that were not only powerful enough to deliver on their high availability requirements, but were uniquely designed to scale to exceed their business needs. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Design, Build, & Implement

Our client needed a data center built for the future and they needed a trusted partner that not only shared their vision, but could deliver. c1advantage designed, built and implemented a state-of-the-art data center that not only met their current needs, but prepared them for the high availability, real-time demands of their vision for future growth. Read more.

Emerging Technologies: Game-Changing Development Solution Project

When one of our large media & entertainment clients needed someone to customize an application on a tight timeline, we leveraged our ingenuity and the power of our partners to deliver a groundbreaking software development solution that was quicker to develop, easier to update and allowed the application to run faster than ever before. Talk about a game changer! Read more.

Application Development & Integration: Interactive Advertising Platform

A group of top U.S. cable TV companies asked us to architect and build an enterprise platform to support the group’s new interactive cable TV advertising system, then support the 24/7 system. We did. Now the world watches TV in a very different and very interactive way. Read more.

Cloud Hosting: Comprehensive Hosting

It always pays to help those who are helping others. When our not-for-profit client came to us in need of a high performance, low cost network solution, we took them in. Armed with a powerful, yet affordable, enterprise level of service, we empowered them so they could do more good, more quickly. Read more.

Cloud Hosting: Hosted Network Services

A world-wide non-profit agency came to us looking for a traditional IT solution. Instead, we offered them the right solution. By transforming their expensive and fragmented IT infrastructure investment into an affordable monthly hosting fee, we saved them money, gave them more options, better service and an enterprise-level foundation for success. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Flexible Virtualized Environment

It’s always best to practice what you preach. Our virtualization experts started by experimenting and implementing solutions within our own company. With infrastructure, servers and desktops, we make virtual a reality. Read more.

Collaboration & Messaging: Collaboration Platform Design

With an ever expanding workforce, c1advantage needed to connect with employees and consultants across the country. We solved our own problem—and created a collaborative platform that opened company communications, empowered our sales force and acted as a go-to resource for employees. Read more.

Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery Planning

Faced with new governmental healthcare mandates, our benefit advisor client needed a partner that understood disaster. After an eye-opening gap analysis, we helped them implement a Disaster Recovery Action Plan. Now, they’re not only compliant, they’re ready for anything. Read more.

Resourcing & Managed Services: Critical Application Support & Maintenance

Our client had a challenge, but weren’t quite sure how to tackle it. Their mission critical applications were using antiquated technology and needed costly, daily maintenance. By embracing the challenge, consolidating the apps, updating their technology and taking over maintenance, we delivered cost savings and serenity. Read more.

Business Continuity: Disaster Recovery Testing

Our healthcare client had taken the initiative to create a Disaster Recovery plan, but they needed someone with extensive expertise to evaluate it. After breaking it down, we helped them build it back up, creating an intelligent and cohesive plan that protected their business along with their client’s information. Read more.

Content Management: High Volume Document Migration

When a major insurance group needed over 36 million mission-critical documents reformatted and transferred to a new operating system, we said, “Absolutely.” Then we designed a custom application that not only accomplished the task in half the time, it saved them over 15{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} in licensing and operating costs in one year alone. Read more.

Content Management: Integrated Document Management

Our insurance client faced a scary scenario: their huge content database, using an ancient application, running on a server with a soon-to-be unsupported operating system. Our solution: utilize our custom tool set to migrate their files in record time. How’s that for peace of mind? Read more.

Resourcing & Managed Services: Outsourced, Onshore Development

In many cases, the problems don’t find us, we find the problems. In the case of our Fortune 100 Insurance client, we saw an opportunity to accelerate their software development process and devised a streamlined plan to help them out. They believed in us, so we delivered for them: better work and a 40{53d2e5920b043db5f8a082e2be2201bdb8cab2d97e2b462e48ff7a4695d386f4} reduction in project development costs. Read more.

Application Development & Integration: QC & System Ops Project

Our client, a leading health insurance provider, needed a trusted partner to help them perform what they termed an “IT Evolution.” By helping them evaluate their SDLC environment, re-define their system operations, and implementing best practices and Quality Control (QC) processes, we turned their evolution into a revolution. Read more.

Cloud Services: Virtual Desktop Solution

Faced with aging, disparate desktops, increasing growth, rising costs and increased support tickets, the country’s largest distributor of building products needed a smarter solution. c1advantage designed, planned and implemented a comprehensive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution to save costs, boost performance and revolutionize availability. Read more.

Data Management: Business Intelligence Platform

As an international leader in the wire and cable industry, our client had significant analytical reporting requirements. We turned their long list of requirements into a fully-customized, state-of-the-art business intelligence platform that helped them work smarter, and faster than ever before. Read more.

Data Center & Networking: Core Infrastructure Upgrade

Facing an antiquated Operating System, poor network performance and old hardware, our construction client was looking for a total overhaul. We helped with the demolition, then built a virtualized solution that increased security and performance while saving money. Read more.