c1advantage has a team of experts to help you determine how to implement a sound business continuity strategy. The time to implement is not during a disaster – your business needs a plan in place to maintain service for your customers and suppliers. From program development, to policies and procedures, your design and development are imperative to a seamless transition in the case of a triggered event.

Disaster recovery is a key element of a business continuity plan. Protect business-critical data and applications by quickly recovering from any disaster. Disasters are not just weather incidents like hurricanes or tornadoes, hardware failure and power losses are leading causes of business disruptions.

Minimize business disruption with instantaneous failover that’s executed in minutes, not hours and supports dissimilar hardware. This solution enables you to reduce your CAPEX by turning disaster recovery into a low-cost operating expense. No more expensive infrastructure investments – with a disaster recovery service from c1advantage you can walk away from the maintenance of physical equipment and manual processes.

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  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Security Management
  • Document/Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery Plan